About Us

Northwestern Wildside is the university's official athletic student section, which unites students at Northwestern University through their passion for athletics. The group is known for its energetic and enthusiastic support of the university's athletic teams, particularly at home games and events. As a society shared between NU Student Affairs and NU Athletics, Northwestern Wildside provides an inclusive space for students to come together, show their school spirit, and engage with their fellow peers. Through their collective efforts, Northwestern Wildside embodies the university's spirit of community and collaboration, helping to foster a sense of belonging among students from all walks of life.

WILDSIDE | The Foundation

Follow along with Northwestern Wildside's former president, Marco Contreras (BS '23), and learn about the spread of purple pride through elite enthusiasm and organized crowd initiatives. Produced by Northwestern Athletics.


Wildside meets bi-weekly on Thursdays from 7:30-8:30pm in Annenberg G21. 

Other membership activities include attending games, helping at giveaways, running live in-game coverage on social media at games, and more! Volunteers at giveaways are guaranteed the giveaway and pretty good seats at games!